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About Us

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Hi There! Welcome Friends to Skin & Culture

Skin & Culture is a company and a brand that represents the very two unique threads that hold us together...Our Skin and our culture. Sounds simple right? Well, the concept was created to embrace the differences and uniqueness of global cultures and awareness. We all co-exist in a world that incorporates our bodies and cultures!!! So, Skin & Culture is about living life to the fullest with healthy, great skin all with the taste of the tropics!!!  Our tantalizing body exfoliants are made with Virgin Coconut Oil and Olive Oil...Also, light tropical fragrance and skin-friendly ingredients are packed inside of our juicy exfoliants!!! We stand behind our products because we love people, we love what we do and we love the tropics!!! Our signature tropical body blends of exfoliants are only the first to arrive. We have more exciting tropical beauty products to come. The new tropical standard in beauty is finally here. Take a dive into Skin & Culture TODAY!!! We'll meet you there, Love, Peace and Pineapples.

Our Mission

At the heart of Skin & Culture, we are committed to providing excellence in our deliverance of beauty products and customer service. We insure the integrity of our company effectively, passionately and creativity by raising the bar in the beauty industry and how we do business. We cultivate diversity, awareness and enthusiasm in every aspect of who we are.

our core values

People, Partnership and Performance

+ What is the shelf life for Skin & Culture exfoliants?
6 - 8 Months

+ Are dyes used in the exfoliants?
Dyes are used in the exfoliants except for Coconut and Portuguese Papaya. Dyes used are skin friendly but can stain clothing if not used properly.

+ Are all of the exfoliants sugar based?
Yes, Papaya is created with brown sugar

+ Can I eat the exfoliants?
NO, our exfoliants should not be eaten

+ Can my young child use Skin & Culture products?
No, the recommended ages are 16+

+ Are the exfoliants safe for face application?
No, Skin & Culture exfoliants were formulated for below the neck because of the dyes and light fragrances used

Disclaimer: Exfoliate responsibly. Products are slippery in shower and/or bathtub.


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Shipping Information

Please allow 3 - 7 days for your product to arrive as shipping varies due to Holiday's and inclement weather.
Please contact us should you not receive your product after 7 days. Shipment costs are flat rate / Priority Mail. Free shipping for orders over $50.

Return Policy

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future. If you have received a damaged product from Skin & Culture please allow us to ship you a new product with proof of damages. Any returns must be accompanied by a receipt and or invoice and unused. Return shipment fees are non-refundable and the customer's responsibility.